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Refresh Your Group Dynamic

Workplace Well Being workshops are an opportunity to spark conversation on specific themes to re-ignite the spark or recalibrate collaboration across a team.  


These 3-hour or day-long experiences are designed to zero in on sticking points by creating a spaciousness to allow a new mutuality to emerge.


Workplace WellBeing workshops are thoughtful opportunities for teams to decompress and rediscover their energy. An opportunity for your team to come together and experience something different, these are custom-designed experiences that address thematics to clear pathways for new creativity and better communication.

These workshops are therapeutic experiences led by a certified art therapist. Depending on the group dynamic issues and goals of the specific group,  we might:

  • build empathy through the sharing of personal stories in a creative, vulnerable, yet facilitated space

  • get out of the box of Zoom. For local teams, we can relocate and experience each other in person and bond over creativity without the traditional "team building" experiences.

  • fulfill the need for warm, creative energy in a beautiful space

Through creative prompts and facilitated sharing and integration, we will intentionally open up a sense of spaciousness so that new ideas can emerge. Together, we will lean away from personal transference, and create art around relationships so that each member can zero in on their sticking points and by bearing witness to their team's experience, build empathy.

Workshops are available in person for up to 20 participants, and virtually for groups up to 30 participants, and are customized for each group. To begin our conversation, please book a complimentary 20-minute call.

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