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Clinical Art Therapy 
in Brooklyn, New York

Therapeutic sessions are a space to explore and better understand ourselves and how we relate to our world. Through the languages of art and talk therapy, we discover our own process and reveal what might otherwise not be seen.

Together we will work toward a life that feels more full, authentic and easeful.


I work online and in person with individuals, both adolescents and adults, and in groups from my office in Sunset Park.


In this work, clients have ownership over their own process to discover themselves again. By building layers of language through talk and art therapy, we are able to work through the complex emotional experiences of being human to create more well-being and self-navigation. I intend to approach each and every client and session where it exists and make space for silence, humor, and exchange. 

My goal is to set up therapeutic structures that allow people to show up, with a keen eye on both individual and community needs. Sometimes in-person sessions are ideal, and for some, online can be more effective. I aim to create a variety of access points so those who could benefit, have access to the care that they need.


I work online and in person with individuals and in the group therapy format. I also offer professional development workshops and consultations,  and mentorship for newly graduated and practicing therapists. 

Please join me for a 20-minute complimentary consultation to learn more about how I can support you, or refer you to the right place or resource.  

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